How 1:1 devices are transforming the way students are being taught today


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Smartschools is now enabling schools to transform their students’ learning experience with OneLearn – the mobile device learning solution. It is an offering for schools, providing a choice of EdTech devices pre-loaded with curriculum eBooks, a procurement website for parents, e-safety software, deployment workshops and support – everything a school needs to begin or develop their digital journey.

Schools that are taking on this way of teaching are reaping the benefits, it allows teachers and students to leverage new opportunities for personalised instruction and learning. By introducing 1:1 device learning in schools’ students are excelling in the following:

Student Engagement:

Today’s students grew up in the digital age so attendance and student interest improves significantly when schools integrate technology into the classroom. It allows students to gain a deeper understanding of topics that interest them. Technology as a tool helps teachers create and present content and instruction that is interesting and relevant to students. When learning is relevant to students, then they become engaged, active learners. By implementing one-to-one devices it keeps the students more interested in the subject matter than they would if they were simply listening to a teacher give a lecture at the front of the classroom.


Collaboration is critical for student growth. Students are improving their interpersonal abilities and teamwork skills through collaboration using devices in the classroom. It’s easy for teachers to track who’s contributing what, which is especially useful when group projects are being carried out. Google Drive and Office 365 give students the chance to collaborate on documents, presentations, class discussions among other things.

Enables the ability to learn beyond the classroom:

The scope and reach of the pupils’ learning is also extended. Time and distance barriers are removed and students can access resources wherever they are. The unlimited access to resources allows students to learn at their own pace and allows them to have tools that may not have had access to previously. By introducing 1:1 devices to students, schools are preparing the children for life after school. This ensures that all students have the skills and confidence to integrate technology into their future.

If you would like any more info on transitioning to a 1:1 device school, our team are more than happy to chat through the various options that are available. Call us on 1890 89 89 89 or email us

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