St. Colman’s College - Achieving e-Safety with Capita’s Mobile Device Management Solution


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St Colmans College Case Study Capita Mits Article

About St. Colman’s College

St. Colman’s College, known throughout Ireland as Violet Hill, is located on an impressive 65 acre site close to Newry. The college was founded in 1823 with 40 enrolled pupils and has grown since then to annually educate circa 950 pupils in modern facilities for today’s learners.

The school aims to ensure that every student has the opportunity to meet their academic and extra-curricular potential and is currently leading the way in achieving this with the use of tablet devices in everyday teaching and learning.


The colleges ’iPad Initiative’ aims to provide every student with their own personal tablet for everyday use as part of teaching and learning in the classroom. With every school in Northern Ireland now fully wireless, every classroom can now facilitate online access, and the teaching and learning possibilities for mobile technology in the classroom have exponentially increased. The pupils in St. Colman’s use their iPads for a range of activities:

  • as a personal organiser: accessing school e-mail, calendar, homework diary, personal files via MySchool, etc.

  • to access resources: e-books, audio / visual resources, digital content, Fronter, Moodle, etc.

  • productivity- produce work (text / video / audio) and submit to teachers for assessment / feedback and complete online assessments.

With the College’s learning resources becoming digitised and the ‘iPad Initiative’ creating an entirely new approach to teaching and learning, ensuring student’s online safety and compliance to school policies was a key priority. Capita’s Mobile Device Management solution makes this achievable.

The Solution

The Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions compliments the complete ENni services.  With access to the college Wi-Fi, students can access their own profile by using their C2k credentials. By connecting to the C2k wireless service, the college is benefitting from a safety net with the ENni e-Safety policies applied, meaning students cannot access everything on the internet. As students cannot have any app or game on their device, it is helping to drive better behaviour and a focus on using iPads for learning rather than pleasure.

The solution also offers the ability to bulk-purchase apps and push them out to student devices, or allocate to specific individuals, classes or year groups. 

Monitoring behaviour

The MDM solution makes it easier to monitor students’ online activity, and compliments school policies. The monitoring ability is helping the college to encourage students to use the devices for learning, and to improve behaviour.  For example, if a student downloads an app or game outside of those on the approved list, their device is automatically quarantined. This means the student cannot use the device until it is reset by a member of the teaching staff. With this extra layer of security in place, the college is experiencing a reduced amount of device-related classroom disruption. 

Managing devices

The management interface provides an easy way of reporting and monitoring student online activity. It provides a clear view of device usage, including who is logged-in, which devices are quarantined, and why. As the interface is easy to use and navigate, the admin element of the solution is seamless. From the management interface, a weekly report is created on compliance, delivering an extra level of confidence in the safety of students’ online behaviour.


The Mobile Device Management solution from Capita has delivered many benefits to St. Colman’s College, including:

  • Complimentary integration with the wider suite of C2k services.

  • Device compliance is directly linked to college and C2k online policies, helping students to prepare for future study and working life.

  • The ability to bulk purchase apps and allocate to students, making access to learning resources easy and compliant with Volume Purchase Programme.

  •  Sharing of learning resources is much easier especially as they become digitalised.


Kevin Franklin, Vice-Principal and ICT Leader, St. Colman’s College.

“The mobile device management solution from Capita provides us with an extra level of confidence that our students are not using their devices for purposes other than educational ones. They can only gain online access via the filtered Capita provision and the MDM compliance policies ensure that any deviation from this results in an immediate ‘quarantine’ from online services. It is like having an additional safety net and is one less thing for the teaching staff to worry about. The management interface makes it a lot easier to gain a view of student’s activity and this allows us to drive behaviour improvements I am delighted with the solution, it has made our mobile vision becoming a reality and helped move our practice forward into a digitised classroom environment.”

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