OneLearn - the mobile device learning solution

Transform your students learning experience with OneLearn

Begin your digital journey with OneLearn

Education establishments across Ireland are enabling personalised learning and transforming the student teaching and learning experience. To support this, and to help schools achieve the government’s digital strategy for schools initiative, Smartschools has designed a mobile device learning solution – OneLearn. With OneLearn, schools can achieve a transformative learning experience, supporting students to grow both in and outside of the classroom with flexible choices to meet your unique school needs.

OneLearn – the mobile device learning solution

Smartschools’ education specialists work with schools in an advisory role to design a tailored mobile learning solution to meet their students’ needs and align with their digital strategy.

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OneLearn - flexible and customisable packages

Student OneLearn

A complete package including student devices, procurement portal, advice and training and technical support.

Teacher OneLearn

A teacher device solution enabling peer collaboration, lesson planning and classroom teaching.

Class OneLearn

Classroom bundles devices including Chromebook or Surface Go devices to achieve 1.1 learning.

Get in Touch

To find out more about OneLearn for your school, get in touch with Smartschools by completing the following details.

Why choose OneLearn

OneLearn offers benefits school-wide – for teachers, pupils and to support the school IT strategy.

Digital strategy transformation

OneLearn supports schools to transform their digital mobility strategy, by choosing a package that best meets their teaching and learning needs from a holistic student solution to teacher OneLearn or classroom devices with Class OneLearn.

End-to-end solution

With student OneLearn, schools easily achieve their mobility strategy as an end-to end solution, including personalised devices, parental procurement portal, e-Safety protection, training and technical support.

Extended teaching and learning

OneLearn enables students to access online learning resources and subject eBooks safely from any location and extends learning beyond the classroom walls with a personalised device.

Supporting parents

OneLearn offers an easy to use procurement portal for parents to purchase devices and workshops delivered by Smartschools team to support parents with advice and guidance on the process and devices.

Flexible and customised solution

With flexibility in the range of devices available for schools to choose, and packages to meet an individual schools digital journey, OneLearn truly delivers a custom solution in line with a schools budget, needs and plans. Professional development training.

Professional development training

OneLearn is enhanced by Smartschools education trainers, supporting schools to transform the teaching and learning experience. Our expert trainers deliver group deployment workshops and training sessions on the education cloud applications your schools has chosen including Microsoft Office 365 and Google for Education, from beginner level to advance user.

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