Digital Display Technology

Creating a modern classroom environment.

Transforming the learning experience

As technology evolves in the world around us, it is transforming the classroom experience from traditional teaching methods to enabling a flipped learning approach. Integrating digital display technology into the learning environment from interactive flat panels to green screening and virtual reality provides an interactive and collaborative classroom, engaging young people.

Our Digital Display Technology Solutions

Interactive flat panels

Digital Display Services Interactive Panels

Interactive flat panels help to deliver a collaborative classroom teaching and learning experience, with features such as device mirroring, integrated software and access to educational apps, the learning experience can be brought to life. In partnership with Promethean Smartschools offers full HD and 4K Ultra HD interactive panels, revolutionising the modern classroom.

Digital Signage

Services Ddt Digital Signage

Display media rich content, promote news live streams and Twitter feeds or communicate important announcements with staff, students and visitors with digital signage throughout your building. Supported by centrally controlled software, assigned users can manage, edit and refresh content to control the display resources on specific screens.

Virtual Reality

Digital Display Tecnhologies Virtual Reality

Smartschools offers a complete Virtual Reality solution including hardware, software and curriculum linked activities in partnership with Class VR from Avantis, offering teaching staff all everything they need to integrate Virtual Reality technologies into their lessons.

Why Smartschools Digital Display Technology Solution?

Trusted IT Partner

We understand the challenges the education sector face and work as a trusted advisor to provide your teaching staff with the infrastructure and resources to integrate innovative technology into teaching and learning.

Specialist Expertise

Whether it be implementing a new innovative technology or a number of solutions in the classroom, our customer-centric approach helps education establishments chose the right type of technology to meet their unique needs.

Innovation First Approach

Smartschools innovative solutions ensures we foresee future technology and industry changes and adapt to meet our customers’ requirements.

Strategic Partnerships

We work in partnership with leading and innovative technology providers including Promethean, Avantis and Microsoft to bring the latest innovations and value to our customers.

Partnering with the best

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